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"My story matters because I matter."

"Wholeheartedness captures the essence of a fully examined emotional life and a liberated heart, one that is free and vulnerable enough to love and be loved.  And a heart that is equally free and vulnerable to be broken and hurt."--Brené Brown, Dare to Lead book

Brené Brown just announced her new Wholehearted Inventory which is a self-test available on her website. Although a nice segway into the purchase of her book Gifts of Imperfection, I have no doubt the book would be most helpful, insightful, inspiring, and practical, having read Dare to Lead.

How do you fair in terms of internal balance? It's essentially what Brené addresses in her work and in her invitations for direct, necessary and valuable conversation about our senses of "awkward" and navigating difficulties. I admire her approach in transforming unhelpful cultural norms ie. being "vulnerable" is weak, into accepting qualities which nurture who we are and feed our actual success, and based on solid research. Brené takes emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman) to a whole new level. How we handle what's happening on the inside in our minds and hearts relates to how we behave and handle things happening on the outside and around us.

Find out where your "guideposts" are at and see which areas you'd like to work on in your life:

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