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"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?"

Vincent van Gogh

Nathalie Mercier, MA

Registered Psychologist


Providing Mental Health Care and Wellness for 25 years

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I am a Registered Counselling Psychologist based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, with many years of experience helping people with complex challenges within multiple kinds of relationships.  I am here to walk alongside you through life’s most difficult moments, helping through trauma-informed care, an anti-oppressive lens, including cultural and gender affirming support, and integrated evidence-based techniques tailored to your needs. 

My strong sense of intuition, energy, high sensitivity, honesty, and many years of experience allow me to offer sound guidance while remaining humble and cognizant in my role and position of privilege. To ensure my client's satisfaction and alignment to their goals, I consistently check in for feedback on how the therapy is going. My aim is for clients to feel heard, feel understood, feel empowered, flourish, grow, be happy, feel safer in the world, and live with greater meaning. I offer a warm, inviting, safe and respectful space to compassionately help clients problem solve and get an accurate perspective of life's challenges, in order to feel better, facilitate change, and live with more ease. I seek to gain full understanding of my client to best guide and assist them with achieving their personal and professional goals through thoughtful evaluation, considerate interventions and assigning practices into day to day life. 

I feel privileged to have worked with a diversity of people and ages from varied and distinctive backgrounds including: youth, women, men, queer, sexuality and gender fluid, of multiple ethnicities and cultures, and who live with the impacts of their neurodiversity, physical and medical related issues and disabilities.  I value and recognize the impact of intersectionality on someone and their experience, including with their close ones and with others within their community, within the mainstream culture, within the workplace, and within the context of working with me in therapy.  I have worked in clinical, community rehabilitation, hospital, post-secondary education and corporate settings.  I also feel strongly about promoting wholistic care for my clients, having consulted and worked with many health providers including family doctors, social workers, psychiatrists, and case workers as part of an integrated treatment plan where needed.

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Gender Fluidity Affirming, Supporting and Ally

"There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become an original"
- Joseph Haydn


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Cactus Collection

Therapy and Approaches

Guided by my client's goals, belief systems and way of being in the world, we work on optimizing mental health and wellness and in tandem together selecting the best suited approaches and treatment plan. 

You are the utmost expert of yourself. I am also conscious of and interested in your connection to your relations and community.  I am here to respect what you come with, to assist you with connecting with your inner wisdom and expertise, and to help you clarify for yourself who you are and what you need.  Collaborating creatively with you, we determine and engage in approaches which are most conducive towards change, healing, adaptability, life satisfaction, and transformation, to help you flourish in your personal life, social life and professional life.


My integrated approach includes:

Cultural Safety

Emotion Focused

Cognitive Behavioural


Mind-Body and Yoga


Dialectical behavioural

Gottman Method

Positive Psychology

Internal Family Systems


Spirituality and Faith-based

Buddhist Psychology-based

Feminist Psychology-based

Humanistic Psychology


Creative expression

Professional Licensing & Affiliations

Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists

Member of the Psychologists Association of Alberta

Member of the American Psychological Association: Society of Clinical Psychology, Society of Counseling Psychology, Society for the Psychology of Women

Member with the Global Network of Psychologists for Human Rights

Yoga Teacher and Life Member of the Yoga Association of Alberta

Education & Training

Master of Counseling, Gonzaga University
Bachelières es Sciences, Faculté St. Jean, University of Alberta
Cultural Safety and Inclusiveness, including implicit bias
Emotion Focused Therapy
Gottman Method
Motivational Interviewing
Radical Exposure Tapping
Solution Focused Therapy
Telehealth Practice and Cybercounselling
Trauma-Informed Care

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