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Frequently Asked Questions About Counselling

How does a virtual appointment work?

Crescent Psychological uses a secure video calling and client communication platform which affirms compliancy with security and privacy requirements by the legislation in Alberta and federally.  Your confidentiality is of highest importance, where you set up your account and gain secure access to the platform by login.  Step by step instructions are provided when you are ready to set up your first appointment.
There are differences between in-person and with virtual connection which is included in the Informed Consent for Services and reviewed with you.
I am currently only authorized to provide therapy services in Alberta.

How long will therapy take?

For each person the length of time they spend in therapy is different. Some attend one or two sessions, over the long-term or come when they need it throughout their lifetime. Every individual has different needs, and there is no right, wrong or prescribed length of time.  People come with a variety of issues, backgrounds, personalities and mindsets which are all part of the complexity of being human.  All are carefully, professionally considered and addressed during the course of therapy.

What techniques do you use?

I believe effective therapy is a combination of the therapist's training, experience and intuition weaved in with care and understanding alongside having a good fit and relationship with the client.  The therapeutic alliance (the relationship between therapist and client) has been researched and shown to be a significant key in clients feeling when they find therapy helpful or not. With over 20 years of continuing competence training and experience in therapeutic counselling, I use an Integrated approach using methods tailored to the client's needs and issues, along with consistent measurable client feedback to ensure a working relationship and progression towards my client's goals.  More about me

How do fees work?

When you go to book an appointment online, the fee is based on the type of session you need.  Mental health and psychological services provided by a licensed psychologist are a healthcare service, and rates are set based on the Recommended Fee Schedule by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta.  Clients with personal or employer provided health benefit insurance and/or health spending accounts are normally eligible to receive reimbursement.  Contact your employer or employee assistance program today and find out about your coverage.

Advocacy for accessible mental health services is recognized as important and vital.  Advocacy happens in multiple arenas. Visibility of mental health, especially during the pandemic time, has instilled hope for progress.  Visit the Canadian Mental Health Association and the Mental Health Commission of Canada to learn more.

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