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As a helping professional, you are human. By reaching out for support, you continue competence and meet your ethical practice of Responsible Caring and Integrity in Relationships.

 “Loving yourself isn’t vanity. It’s sanity.”

Counselling for Helping Professionals

Are you feeling burned out?

Are you struggling with system-related stress?

Are you struggling with meaning and purpose in your work and your life?

Are you needing support for yourself as you support others?

"I know this is it possible that I not do this for me??"  Sometimes we need an objective eye and different perspective to give us that little boost and perspective we need in order to get back on track.

Work as a helping professional brings unique challenges which can increase risk for burnout and affect the work we do with others. 

Together in a safe, non-threatening, one-on-one and confidential space, let's evaluate, assess, explore and attend to your personal needs and health, helping you feel revitalized and maintain your sense of purpose.

(must be Alberta Resident jurisdiction)

Take the Professional Quality of Life Self-Test

Coaching for Helping Professionals

  • Are you a mental health professional, physical health therapist or helping professional looking for one-on-one tailored career related coaching?

  • Are you looking to have more balance in your life and work?

  • Are you  feeling overwhelmed, disorganized, putting off or behind on clinical operations?

  • Are you needing assistance setting up or re-evaluating ethical telehealth or privacy practices?

  • Are you struggling with selecting and prioritizing training and PD?

  • Are you struggling with the pressure of profession-related obligations?

  • Are you feeling a lack of confidence and competence?

  • Are you transitioning in your career and needing guidance?


Receive custom-for-you step-by-step guidance:

  • if you need just one or two sessions to springboard to where you know you need to go

  • if you need a small or larger dose of revitalization in your priorities and sense of work fulfillment

  • if you need a step-by-step longer term plan and direction towards your goals

  • if you need someone to just set things up for you given a busy schedule and high priorities

Get in touch for a 15 minute free consultation to see how I can tailor the assistance you need.

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