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Couple | Relationship Counselling

Love knows not distance; it hath no continent; its eyes are for the stars.

- Gilbert Parker

Services in English | prestation en Français | 18 years +

For intimate partners seeking marriage counselling, relationship counselling, guidance, healing, support, improving your family system, whether you are just starting out, becoming new parents, have been together for a long time, wanting to separate on good terms or in non monogamous or polyamorous relationships.


Through the Gottman Method integrated with additional approaches, together we will have a look at the quality of your couple's friendship, romance and passion.  We will focus on emotion, skill building for managing conflict, developing new skills for enhancing friendship, and helping you as a couple or within your partnerships to create a system of shared meaning together. We will seek dialogue through practical and systematic interventions. 

I welcome working with folks in polyamorous relationship and acknowledge the many facets making up the uniqueness of your relationship.  In our sessions, I will seek to learn and understand the specific intricacies of your relationship, as we learn together.

We tailor to your strengths and challenges facing each of you.  Together we discover and identify the relationship's specific needs, where it ruptures, explore foundations for it to work well, and help you practice healthy strategies towards meaning and nurture your purpose in being together.

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